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Bristol Scaffolders

When it comes to your Bristol scaffolding needs, Scaffolders of Bristol will have you covered. We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable scaffolding solutions in Bristol and South West England.

With a comprehensive range of scaffolding services available and expert scaffolding erectors to hand, look no further when considering getting access to those high rise areas. Whilst providing you with safety and access to those hard to reach areas.

Our scaffolding services are available for all jobs ranging from small to large to support your domestic, commercial and emergency scaffolding needs.  We aim to assist you and ensure that you have the best access to complete your task at hand. 

Whilst not only offering a sturdy solution to support this work, but we will also be able to erect the scaffolding in various positions and manoeuvre it to suit your needs.

We are the expert scaffolders in Bristol with outstanding professional service. Call our friendly team and book a free quote on 01174 637170

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Scaffolding Services

We offer all types of scaffolds in various sizes, from small domestic to industrial, as well as temporary roofs. We even specialise in suspended platforms suitable for multiple purposes, whether domestic or commercial use.

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading Bristol domestic scaffolding providers, with over a decade of experience servicing customers throughout South West England, including Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Gloucester.

We offer various bespoke solutions that are perfect for any scaffolding project. Throughout the process of working with us, you will receive support at every stage. With honest upfront quotations being provided, clear communication throughout guarantees to leave your premises tidy and clean upon completion. 

We make sure scaffolding hire is an easy and efficient process. Our solid reputation as the leading scaffolders in Bristol is well deserved, with many years of experience and understanding about what scaffolding work needs to be done.

Competitive Pricing

Our services are the most competitive scaffolding in Bristol

Health & Safety

We are fully compliant with the latest scaffolding safety standards

Skilled Team

Our team has the most skilled scaffolders in all of Bristol

High Expectations

Our team is always striving to go the extra mile and exceed your expectations


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Our Services

Domestic Scaffolding

For homeowners looking at renovations or home extensions that temporarily need scaffolding services, our team is fully equipped to meet these demands. With years of experience when it comes to domestic scaffolding hire services in Bristol and South West.

The scaffolding is designed to be fitted for the unique space. It consists of materials, hires and assembly of scaffold poles, beams or tubes into a framework supported by temporary brackets, usually steel; this provides a platform on which bricklayers can work at heights safely and securely from below.

The one everyday use is having it put up around your house to undertake a renovation project. Our scaffolding erectors cover Bristol and its surrounding areas for all domestic scaffolding needs. We provide scaffolding for all trades, including bricklayers, painters and roofers, and general house repairs and maintenance work.

Health and safety are paramount, which is why we ensure that scaffolds are thoroughly inspected and compliant with current health and safety legislation.

Our Services

Commercial Scaffolding Solutions

With experience working in a vast array of different commercial properties, our team can offer an impressive range of scaffolding solutions to suit any situation. 

Our team have the ability, knowledge and skill to build and erect specialist scaffolding for all commercial needs, whether that be new build, shops, schools, offices and much more.

We offer commercial scaffolding to businesses in Bristol that have increased demand for space with their construction or refurbishment projects. 

Our professional scaffolders are qualified with the latest scaffolding qualifications and comply with BS EN 12420:2011. We can also supply scaffolding awareness training courses to your workforce.

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Industrial Scaffolding

Industrial Scaffolding is an essential scaffolding solution for any business that has a high level of demand for space.

We can supply and erect scaffolding solutions in Bristol to suit all needs, from single storey units up to multi-storey with large amounts of floor space. We can provide temporary or permanent installations which will meet your company’s requirements.


We offer scaffolding hire, which needs erecting for long term projects with increased risk, such as those involving hazardous substances or working at heights.

We are the most reliable service in Bristol who assure you of a professional service from initial contact, advise on-site throughout to project completion.

Part of the services we offer is an expert bespoke solution for every requirement because we understand every business is unique. Our scaffolding services are designed to meet your needs.


Temporary Roofing

Some site projects require temporary roofing, which we can install quickly and efficiently. Risk assessments are always carried out before scaffolding being erected, and we endeavour to keep disruption to your business to a minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of scaffolding hire can vary depending on the size of the scaffold tower, length of time it is being hired for and what type of scaffold you are hiring. 

The cost to hire a temporary scaffold tower in Bristol and South West averages £150 + VAT per day with an initial setup fee of £250-£500. We provide all types of scaffolds such as single-width towers, double-width towers and suspended platforms suitable for various purposes, whether residential or commercial.

Currently, there are no regulations in the UK on how long scaffolding can remain up. The company that hires out scaffolds will usually have guidelines.

Scaffolders are skilled construction workers who erect scaffolding and provide support to people working at height. They are responsible for scaffold safety and also erecting it correctly.

Scaffolding is an essential part of construction work. It is crucial for health and safety and also gives access to people who need it. Not only can scaffolding be used for construction work, but it also has other uses.

It is essential to have the correct type of scaffolding, and companies who have this expertise are best placed to help you when you need them. Scaffolders Bristol can provide a wide range of solutions which will suit your needs, whatever they may be.

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Frequently Asked Questions